Mothers Day 2021

Mothers day was so nice for me, I hope it was great for all of you. Sometimes it can be hard if you’ve lost a mother or a mother figure, like I have, but I’m so grateful to be a mom and spending time with my kids is a gift. Now that they are teenagers they are busy with friends a lot, and sometimes just have a lot to do so it’s tough to find time to hang out. So this mother’s day was nice, just to take an afternoon and enjoy them. No need for gifts or cards, just spending time together was all I wanted…well, I did ask for one thing from them, a minute to take some photos. They rolled their eyes (like they always do when I ask to take photos of them), but since it was mothers day they obliged. It was a quick 10 minute photo shoot in the park, but I was happy to get a few good ones of them - that’s all I needed.  I think teenagers are funny, they are finding their style or maybe trying new ones. My kids have changed their look so much in the last year. It’s wild. But that’s what teenagers do, right? It’s all about getting to know ones self at these ages ( 14 and 16). Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful mom’s day, and I hope you enjoy my kiddo’s photos as much as I do. =)

Holiday Mini Sessions 2020!

I love the families that I get to work with, AND…the ones that return on a yearly basis are so special. I really enjoy that I get to see first hand how the kids have grown over a years time, and we have fun doing our yearly shoot! See (in both photos) how the kids have grown? It’s amazing!! And I love it!! =)

I am currently booking for October and November dates. Weekends and weekdays are available. Please reach out if you are interested. BTW, my prices have not changed for the past 3 years! 

Here are the details:

30 minute session

Session fee:  $295 (includes 2 digital images)  

Extra digital images: 

$50 each (a la carte)

$300 for 10 images

$400 for all images 

Custom holiday cards: $85 per set of 25 

Yearly Photo Sessions | Marin Family Photographer

My girls were definitely the catalyst that helped me decided I wanted to be a photographer. Aside from the fact that I had enjoyed photography as a kid and had taken some darkroom classes in high school, it was definitely my kids that pushed me over the edge on deciding my life’s work would be photography. When they were babies I took loads of photos of them, but as they got older and my business grew I had less time to photograph them…and they were quite vocal about not wanting to have their photo taken. Fast forward to the teen years, I am really wanting to make time to capture the here and now. And that’s where we are - or where I am, surrounded by teen girls (and it’s a little crazy, but worth documenting for sure).  As of this moment, year, new decade… I’m committing to a photo shoot at the time of their birthday. And.. I will probably hire a photographer to take our family photo as well on a yearly basis going forward.. because mom, the photographer, needs to be in some photos too! 

What to do with photos from yearly photo sessions? Most people are at a loss and end up keeping  them on their computer indefinitely. Here are some ideas for what to do with your most treasured photos: frame them, create a gallery of your favorite photos on a prominent wall of your home, make a yearly album (or have your photographer create one for you), print them and keep them in a keepsake box on your coffee table so you can look at them often. There are so many things you can do with your photos these days that doesn’t include your external hard drive. 

Anyway, I wanted to share some fun images from my youngest’s birthday photo shoot (she’s 13!!)….and she told me she actually likes them. =)

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