Photo Wall Gallery - Create Something Fabulous With Your Family Photos!

Yesterday I met with a long time client of mine at her home to create some beauty in her living room.  Weeks before we discussed the kind of frames she would like for her images and the option of color or black and white images. She decided on black and white photos, I think it was a great choice! A monochromatic look is very versatile with any kind of color scheme, so no matter how many times she re-decorates her photos will still look great on her wall. And the best part about this layout, or photo wall gallery,  images can be switched out as a family grows or they can stay the same. Its up to you! And by creating columns that go up a wall it gives the viewer a sense of order which is visually pleasing, and when guests visit it’s fun for them to see and chat about too! My client didn’t want to bother her husband with installing the frames on the wall, she just wanted it done so I was happy to take the lead and create the layout and get them on their wall. No hassle or stress, it was just done! Luckily I am a photographer who likes to wear many hats, not too many, but I do love the process of creating something for my client and taking the lead to install a gallery of images in my clients home is fun for me!  The photo wall turned out great and I know it will bring this family many years of joy! This is why I love what I do!! 

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