Marin Branding Photographer | Great Photos Of You In Business

Helping small businesses with their marketing endeavors is one of my favorite things to do. I love to create content that helps business owners show people what it might be like to work with the company or the individual. Good branding photography is essential for a nice website, and to promote yourself as a serious and thoughtful business owner. I think most people are visual, and as a consumer, getting to see behind the scenes photos of a business owners process at work, helps people visualize what their experience might be like. For this shoot I met up with the lovely Val Swan who runs a business to help people stay accountable, to provide a place for community support and help people with time management. She also offers a class that helps people explore life’s purpose, meaning and legacy. We did a photo session at a really beautiful, mid century modern home in San Francisco. Val’s website is:, you should definitely check her site out and join in on one of her classes. And if you want to show your prospective clients what it would be like to work with you, I would love to work with you to create some beautiful and fun images for your marketing purposes. 

Wear Your Wedding Dress Again | Sausalito Wedding Photographer

How many brides LOVE their wedding dress so much, but are sad because they will have photos in it only once, and wear it only once? Almost every bride! Why not plan another day in your wedding dress, with you and a photographer? That’s what this pretty client of mine did. We met at a beautiful beach in Sausalito on a clear and pretty day, and I followed her around the beach in her wedding dress. This was such a fun photo shoot. If you are interested in a wedding dress photo shoot, post wedding, please let me know. We will have fun and you will end up with some special and beautiful photos. 

Fun Springtime Portraits | Marin Family Photographer

Hello! Some of you might be visiting this post because you saw one of these pretty images on my instagram page recently (@ameliaplumbphotography) where I talked about these beautiful Dogwood flowers and their special significance. And some of you might be running across this post through a google search, or you periodically check in with my blog, which is awesome, THANK YOU! I have a few reasons for posting these fun portraits… 

FIRST: they are some of my favorite images of my eldest daughter, captured at a sweet time in her life (this I want to always remember), just before her teen angst became a thing. I was one of those parents who thought it would never happen to my teenagers…but WOW was I wrong! 

SECOND: I love the simplistic color palate and how light and airy these special portraits feel, even though they were shot inside. When taking photos inside we can create a more uniform and expected look for our images, and light is more consistent. Now that mask mandates are being lifted in CA, we can get back to studio sessions. Yay!

THIRD: I want to create more images like this for my clients! You!! So if you’re interested in some unique and fun portraits, that are light and bright, let’s do it!!! We can pull in some kind of floral detail, or something that is special to you, like a pet, or a child by your side… or even your significant other. I love doing these kinds of sessions for my clients. If you would like to book a session with me, please just reach out and let me know!

As for what to do with your images after a session….please, don’t keep them sitting on your computer or phone forever, I suggest you have me (or you can) put them into a beautiful album, or we can create a cool little wall gallery that you can see and smile at, every day. If you have any questions or ideas, please let me know. I would be THRILLED to hear from you. Thanks for visiting the Amelia Plumb Photography blog!! Have a great day!!

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