The Studio & The Process…

Hello friends..welcome!!!

Today were going to talk about the process of working with Amelia Plumb Photography, from start to finish…

Once you find us online, or check out our site after being referred by a friend or colleague…we connect, either via phone call or an online inquiry (via my website). Next, if you like what you see/hear (and we hope you will), we schedule a consultation, either in studio or over the phone, to discuss our photo session…how you would like to be photographed and who you would like to be photographed with. We discuss what to wear, how you would like to be seen and how you would like to see yourself. At this first meeting (if you’re in my studio) you get to see all of the beautiful products we offer, all very special and can only be purchased through us. You can ask as many questions as you like, and it is our goal to make you feel super comfortable and in good hands. If all goes well, we schedule your session date.

Our next meeting is the day of our photo shoot. Hair and makeup (for the ladies) is included with the session fee (and is recommended). We provide (and work with) some wonderful stylists from Calm Salon (on Piedmont Avenue), in Oakland. You can rest assured you will look and feel your best after we make you up with more style and sophistication than usual, but just enough for great results when you’re in front of the camera. Pro tip: a good photographer will always recommend hair and makeup for the ladies, and a good grooming session for the men, prior to a photo shoot…for best results and to be sure you love your photos!

The third time we meet, you will experience the amazing in studio “reveal” of your images. Twenty five (images from each hour long session) will be presented. During this meeting we discuss your images, and you choose your favorites. It’s a process of narrowing down, or choosing them ALL! Next you decide what you would like to purchase and order from our product menu. This is the time to think of who in your family would like some beautiful images of you, or your family, and how you would like to use your images or display them (either on your walls, in a beautiful keepsake box, or in an album). Each image you purchase comes with a digital file and a print, so you have many options! 

If you would like more information about Amelia Plumb Photography and how our sessions work, please send us a message! We would love to talk with you, answer any questions you might have, and share more information with you based on the kind of session you are looking for. Again, we photograph women (who never get a chance to get prettied up and be in photos - moms maybe), ladies who are in business, and need an updated photo for their social media, website or other types of business marketing. I photograph families, at all stages of their lives. I also photograph men who need great images of themselves for business, dating or modeling portfolios. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! 

– Amelia

Whats new in 2018?

I love everything associated with the word New. New beginnings are exciting. New things and people are always fun and welcome in my world. New ideas always make things fresh and fun and push comfort zones. New can be exciting, and scary at the same time. I always welcome a challenge, so for me the good that comes with the sometimes challenging is a great thing. This year my goal is to embark on the NEW, embrace it and make it work for me. And if you are one of my clients, I want my NEW to work for you too. This year I will be doing studio shoots, outdoor shoots (family, kids, babies, generations, corporate branding sessions and more  - all with natural light…since I have great natural light inside and can always find it outside). I have a new list of products that I am so excited about, and I hope you will be too. Please let me know if you would like to see my 2018 product list. I will post some photos of these amazing things I’ve added to my shop, right here in the next couple of weeks. So please stay tuned!   

Zeel and Bachelorette Celeb Evening In Orinda

This was a wonderful event for, a New York based company who has an app for massages when you want and need them. With their app its possible to have a highly veted and trained massage therapist at your doorstep within an hour. Some Bachelorette alums were in attendance to spread the word about Zeel, one of their most used and favorite apps for relaxation. The party was held in Orinda Ca, at a beautiful home perched atop of the Orinda Country Club golf course. It was a fun night of massages by the pool, great food, an episode of the current Bachelorette show viewed on a ginormous TV and lots of fun meeting the cast of a past show. 

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