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Hello friends..welcome!!!

Amelia Plumb Photography is all about creating beautiful portraits. From business head shots, to ladies glamour, to beautiful child photography, to engaging and fun family photography. 

My photography studio is in the San Francisco Bay Area and I provide a mix of indoor (studio) photos and outdoor (nature) photos. We start with a phone call or an online inquiry (via my website), and we will chat about what you are looking for from a photo session with me. Next, we schedule a consultation, either in studio or over the phone to discuss your photo session…how you would like to be photographed. Is there anyone you would like to be photographed with? We can make a corporate/business headshot into a photo session with your favorite person. We can design your session according to your needs and the look you are going for. It is important to discuss what you’re going to wear, clothing changes, artistic shots if you want them, and color. What are you trying to convey about yourself? We discuss this - especially if you’re in business and you want to attract a certain kind of client. What you wear says a lot about you. I am happy to give suggestions, and think on how we can achieve the photos you want to walk away with. At this first pre-photo session meeting (which is usually in person) you get to see all of the beautiful products offered, which is important so we can create your photo shoot around this. If you are looking for an album of your family, I will keep this in mind as I plan our photo shoot. Finally we schedule your photography session date.

Our next meeting is the day of the photo shoot. I include hair and makeup (for the ladies). I highly recommend it, and I have the best hair and makeup people to help you look your best. I partner with Calm Salon on Piedmont Avenue for photo shoots. They are the best and I trust them to make you look beautiful - not over done at all. Professional make up should be a requirement (In my opinion) for a photo shoot. Since we are using a lot of (natural) light during photo shoots, your normal amount of makeup can get washed out and that’s not a good end result. Not at all! A little extra makeup is necessary and it’s best to leave this job to the pros. I want to be sure you’ll overjoyed with your photos!! Because of this, I have included this hair and makeup service into my pricing. No more running around like a crazy person trying to get your hair and makeup done at several locations….simply arrive an hour before your shoot at my studio and we can chat and plan while you’re being beautified. It’s a one stop shop here at Amelia Plumb Photography! Come relax, enjoy some pampering, some glam and feel more comfortable and less stressed rolling in to your photo shoot.

At our third meeting ( the meeting after your photo shoot) you will experience your exiting studio “reveal”. You get to see your beautiful photographs printed on a wall, and looking their best - you looking your best. It’s so much fun for me too! The reason I do this is I want my clients to see their photos in print, to hold them, feel them….and look at them up close. Since we will be meeting in person, we get to talk about your favorites, possibly some changes that might be necessary (I am happy to make edits, if you see a photo you love but a hair seems out of place or you see something else that could be easily removed or adjusted).  Next you will decide what you would like to purchase and order from my product menu. At this point hopefully you will have an idea of what you would like to purchase, since you will have seen the products at the first two visits, so the ordering session should be pretty easy. It’s a good time to think about who in your family would like some of your beautiful images, something framed or an album. 

Each image you purchase comes with a digital file and a professional print that is matted. I want you to walk away from our final meeting with something you can hold and show your family, and digital files so you can use them for your business or share with friends and family on Facebook or other social media or sharing sites. 

If you would like more information about Amelia Plumb Photography and how my sessions work, please send me a message! I would love to talk with you, answer any questions you might have, and share more information with you based on the kind of session you are looking for. 

Women and children are my favorite subject to photograph, because of their distinct and unique beauty. 

I also love to photograph men too! Guys, I promise the experience will be fun and easy - I know it seems painful, but I always try to make the session painless and an adventure. When was was the last time you had a “real” photo taken of you? Let’s create something amazing!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! 

– Amelia

Whats new in 2018?

I love everything associated with the word New. New beginnings are exciting. New things and people are always fun and welcome in my world. New ideas always make things fresh and fun and push comfort zones. New can be exciting, and scary at the same time. I always welcome a challenge, so for me the good that comes with the sometimes challenging is a great thing. This year my goal is to embark on the NEW, embrace it and make it work for me. And if you are one of my clients, I want my NEW to work for you too. This year I will be doing studio shoots, outdoor shoots (family, kids, babies, generations, corporate branding sessions and more  - all with natural light…since I have great natural light inside and can always find it outside). I have a new list of products that I am so excited about, and I hope you will be too. Please let me know if you would like to see my 2018 product list. I will post some photos of these amazing things I’ve added to my shop, right here in the next couple of weeks. So please stay tuned!   

Zeel and Bachelorette Celeb Evening In Orinda

This was a wonderful event for, a New York based company who has an app for massages when you want and need them. With their app its possible to have a highly veted and trained massage therapist at your doorstep within an hour. Some Bachelorette alums were in attendance to spread the word about Zeel, one of their most used and favorite apps for relaxation. The party was held in Orinda Ca, at a beautiful home perched atop of the Orinda Country Club golf course. It was a fun night of massages by the pool, great food, an episode of the current Bachelorette show viewed on a ginormous TV and lots of fun meeting the cast of a past show. 

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