About The Photographer

Amy (or Amelia), runs a boutique photography studio in the Oakland hills, in Sunny California. She loves beautiful things like flowers, stylish clothing, vintage pieces, jewelry, fun accessories and design, she uses these elements to create her beautiful imagery - they are her inspiration.

Amy believes people hire a photographer for their vision, for their knowledge (how to use a camera) and experience, but mostly a photographer is known for her style, her unique way of seeing, and being able to create something remarkable for someone. Amy has worked for more than 9 years at perfecting her style, her camera skills and her ability to connect with her clients and put them at ease during a session. Creating beautiful photographs of people is her passion.

Being prepared for a photo shoot is very important. Amy guides her clients through the process of getting ready so they can arrive on photo-day relaxed, excited and confident. She includes hair and natural-looking makeup for her lady sessions, men can use a simple touch up too!. Amy wants you to be in love with how you look in your photos and she will go above and beyond to make sure this is your result. She puts love into every photo she creates! 

Amy also has a background in business. Her first 10 years out of college were spent woking for high-tech companies in sales and marketing. She knows what it takes to run a business (from a sales and marketing perspective) and she knows great photographs are always needed to successfully present a brand and engage in an honest way with potential clients.

Amy would love to help you put your best foot forward in your life,  your world and in your business, with beautiful images of you and the people and places that mean the most to you.

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