About The Photographer

Amelia is inspired by the beauty of nature and gorgeous natural light. She has over 10 years of experience as a photographer, and loves to shoot with digital and film cameras. Digital for ease of use, and film for creativity and authenticity. 

Amelia finds it important to build a solid and trusting connection with her clients. The majority of her clients hire her year after year because she is so easy to work with, and they love her beautiful photography!

Amelia has a wide variety of clients! She has a great shooting range, and does a lovely job photographing families who need fun and joyful images, then can turn around to provide businesses clear and well composed imagery of their product, to boost their brand. She also loves to create gorgeous headshots for ladies, complete with hair and makeup (men too...just minus the hair and makeup ;-). Amelia works with celebrities from time to time and thinks it's a blast! Be sure to see some of her celebrity work on her Instagram @ameliaplumbphotography

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