Whats new in 2018?

I love everything associated with the word New. New beginnings are exciting. New things and people are always fun and welcome in my world. New ideas always make things fresh and fun and push comfort zones. New can be exciting, and scary at the same time. I always welcome a challenge, so for me the good that comes with the sometimes challenging is a great thing. This year my goal is to embark on the NEW, embrace it and make it work for me. And if you are one of my clients, I want my NEW to work for you too. This year I will be doing studio shoots, outdoor shoots (family, kids, babies, generations, corporate branding sessions and more  - all with natural light…since I have great natural light inside and can always find it outside). I have a new list of products that I am so excited about, and I hope you will be too. Please let me know if you would like to see my 2018 product list. I will post some photos of these amazing things I’ve added to my shop, right here in the next couple of weeks. So please stay tuned!   

Lesley Evers | Real Women @ Facebook

I’ve been shooting for Lesley Evers lately, a fabulous local dress designer who has created a stunning line of women’s clothing with a retro/vintage vibe. We have been doing shoots for her project “Lesley Evers Real Women” #lerealwomen, which incorporate real women (who are not models) into the marketing of her most current styles. Lesley loves to see these women in her designs, and wants other to see how great they look too. This talented dress and textile designer makes sure all of her clothing is made locally, in Oakland. Lesley Evers has two store locations: Oakland (on College Ave.), and Corte Madera in Marin. All of her designs an be purchased online as well @ www.lesleyevers.com

On the day of this shoot we set out to photograph one of Lesley’s customers, Eble, who works for Facebook in the UK. On a day she was in town we met her at Facebook headquarters, in Menlo Park, and did a quick one hour shoot with 4 dresses. I have to say I was pretty excited to do a shoot on the Facebook campus! The location did not disappoint, and it turned out to be a photographers dream location…such a wonderfully designed outdoor space. Eble did a great job, quite the natural I have to say! Below, I have posted some photos from our super exciting shoot at Facebook! 

SF Family Photographer/Maternity and Newborn

I love babies! They are the best, especially my clients kids and babies. I’ve been there, and I know all of the stages of parenting (up to pre-teen..which is my current situation ;-). Being a new parent is wonderful, and it’s also tough. Just like with anything in life, you take the good with the difficult…and in my experience that’s what parenting is in a nutshell. This sweet family hired me to photograph the before and after of baby no.2 entering the scene. The big sisters anticipation, and two tired parents easing into life with two kids. Blissfull! =)

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